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    Millions of Iranians turn out to mark 35th anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution


    by PressTV

    Large attendance of Iranians on the victory anniversary of Islamic Revolution.
    Every year, February 11th marks the victory anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. On this special day, Iranians in different cities across the country hold mass rallies to commemorate their historic victory.

    35 years ago, the Islamic Revolution, under the guidance of Imam Khomeini, established a new political system based on Islamic values and democracy. The country has witnessed increasing independence and esteem ever since the Islamic Revolution was founded by Imam Khomeini. This year, people’s presence was much more remarkable in terms of number and attendance compared to previous years.

    Iranian officials also take part in the rallies shoulder to shoulder with people in defending the values of their revolution which brought independence for the country.

    People whom I talked to said the more Iran is threatened by world powers, the stronger their presence will be in such occasions to support their country and their system.

    At the end of the demonstrations, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani delivered his speech in front of millions in Azadi or Liberty square which reminds the nation of their 1979 victory.