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    Iran successfully test fires two new missiles


    by PressTV

    Iran’s defense minister announced that the country has successfully tested fired two new missiles on the eve of 35th anniversary of the country’s Islamic revolution. Iranian president, Hassan Rohani in a written letter addressed Iranian nation and congratulated Iran’s leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei and each and every Iranian including engineers that designed the two missiles after they were successfully test fired. Brigadier General Dehqan, Iran’s defense minister, talked about the missiles.

    Brigadier General Dehqan stated that the achievements convey a message of peace and stability for the region. He also had a message for Iran’s enemies.

    Iranian military officials say that despite popular belief Iran as compared to 16 countries in the region is 15th as far as its military budget. They say there is a lot of propaganda claiming that Iran allocates much of its budget to defense spending which are simply not true.