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    Caught On Camera: Skiers Caught In Avalanche

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

    THREE LUCKY skiers narrowly escaped a dangerous avalanche and caught the whole horrifying experience on camera. Kristian Klausen, 21, from Aarhus, Denmark, Thomas Mohl, 20, from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Nicolai Kanstrup, 22, from Aalborg, Denmark were off-piste in Whistler, Canada last year when one of them accidentally triggered the mishap. Thomas went tumbling from the top to the bottom of the mountain 70 metres, and Nicolai caught falling 15 metres. Kristain watched on from above the snow slide as both of his friends were consumed by snow and ice. Fortunately, all men were unharmed.

    Videographer / Director: Kristian Klausen
    Producer: Samantha Grillo
    Editor: Ian Phillips