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    Bosnia: Protester calls grow for government resignations

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Protesters in Bosnia have increased their demands as discontent with their political leaders deepens.

    In Sarajevo, anger over corruption and the dire state of the economy has fuelled resignation calls. Four out of ten canton heads have already quit. Now protesters want Federation members to go.

    Former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Carl Bildt, is clear who is to blame for the crisis.

    “I think the politicians there have been focussing for quite some time on the wrong issues – a lot of manoeuvring on semi-nationalistic constitutional and other issues, without addressing the rather serious economic situation in the country. I mean the need for some fundamental economic reforms. That’s been neglected.”

    In neighbouring Serbia, hundreds of people showed their support for the protests. Rally organisers said workers all over the Balkans share the same concerns and called for solidarity.

    Monday’s protests were peaceful and nothing like last week’s violent unrest, but the