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    : Agnes

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    Thanks for your 'empathy' purplezmoon! :D
    Yeah... it's realy hard to learn how to play violin.. :((
    Agnes:10 년 전
    Very good because violin isn't just a thing you buy and play lmao ;) i,ve been at it for a year now... and still learning
    Purplezmoon:10 년 전

    hwahahaha.... come on, I was too consentrate on playing it without doing any mistakes,.. so that I couldn't smile. But you are right, it makes me look stupid, hahaha..!

    Don't worry about your english, it's not your mother tongue, and it's not mine either.... who cares! hehehe...

    Thanks for leaving a comment anyway!
    Agnes:10 년 전
    Good its a very dificult instrument....sorry for my english i'm french....
    Ok it's ot perfect but i like!!

    There is one thing i don't like .... you don't smile and its stupid because you have a pretty face so smile ^^
    Frizette:10 년 전