WCW - Wrestlecrap

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The very worst of WCW...


Jesus Christ, that was some of the worst television I've seen, period. Not just wrestling, television. That shitty company wasted so much talent, had no organization, and were so useless they let David Fucking Arquette win their world title. And you say it was funny? About as funny as Young and the Restless you fucking faggot.
By jfutch1 6 years ago
archette as champ was euuu let's say interesting :p
By under construction 6 years ago
u get the feeling as 1999-2001 came around wcw was like "fuck it" and just did whatever they wanted
By Phillycursed86 6 years ago
Notice how the worse wcw moments are footage from late 99 - to early 2000. Doesnt mean anything compared, to the greatest moments! All you wcw fans know what i mean haha! WCW4LiFe
By AtekMan 7 years ago
Man, that's humiliatingly hilarious.
By evolvedtheobserver 7 years ago
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