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    They Can't Stop Us from Progressing( We Will Still Overcome Any Oppositions if any comes)

    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    These haters will never conquer us/ I will get better 1's with donks that are monstrous./
    These haters are going to hate and be two-faced. but with the highest superpower, plus faith set in place. We will still become more prosperous/ and will with the power and zeal of them, protecting and watching over us./ I Shall Excel. no nefariously negative forces can never keep me all the way down, instead I will catapult to the top of all of this./ (LOL!!!!)-$$$$-Fee-Z!- Hafdav3000@Google, Dailymotion, Facebook + Youtube.

    #Much More #Success #GodBless #Peace