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    Kaf Dağı (Yasin ilhan)

    Fatih Kepenek

    Fatih Kepenek

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    Fatih Kepenek
    Thank you guys.
    Fatih Kepenek2 yıl önce
    Hi Fatih

    I rejected this video to be added to the ByeByeGoogle Group for the only reason - it doesn't match the group that is about Google and the boycott of Google.

    This is a very beautiful song and I love the tenderness of the voice and the song. I am pretty familiar with the sound of the Turkish language since decades but this song for the first time made me realize how extremely beautifull the language is for songs like this one. I hope you don't mind that I add it to my Music list instead to the Google group.
    Dalsky2 yıl önce