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    Ukraine: pro and anti‐government demonstrators clash in central Kyiv

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    In Ukraine, pro‐government supporters have confronted protesters in central Kyiv on Saturday.

    A crowd of around 2000, carrying shields and batons, came to the barricade at Independence Square , known as Maidan, blocking traffic on the city’s main avenue.

    Anti‐government protesters, who are camped out in the square, have vowed to continue their demonstrations until their political demands are met.

    They say they want to see constitutional change which would strip the President of some of his powers.

    One demonstrator said: “At some point we will rise up, and Ukraine has already risen up, but there are no significant results so far. We hope they (the authorities) will understand that we are fed up with being under the Moscow yoke”

    At least six people have died since protests broke out in November.

    Protesters placed around 90 wooden crosses on the barricades of the square which they say represents the number of deaths and disappearances since protests began.