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    Operation Congo gorillas

    Kongo News

    by Kongo News

    In Congo, the population of the plains gorilla is dwindling with each passing day. They are victims of deforestation, illegal bushmeat trade but also of diseases like Ebola.

    But for the past 25 years on the Lesio Louna Reserve, three hours north of Brazzaville, a team has implemented a plan to save them.When Olivia Mokiejewski visits this extraordinary orphanage, a six-month old gorilla has just been found abandoned on the side of the road. His family was wiped out by poachers.

    Will Owando survive ? How will he integrate into the group of rowdy teens that have already been treated at the center ? A unique opportunity to get closer to this fascinating species. And to meet other groups of gorillas that have established themselves on the reserve.

    High adrenaline and face to face encounters guaranteed…


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