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    Royalty in question with Spain's Princess Cristina in court

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Outside the court where Princess Cristina of Spain is being questioned a chorus of protest rose in the air. But is it the king’s younger daughter or the monarchy on trial?

    The allegations against Cristina and her husband led to a recent poll showing support for the royal family is at an historic low. People want justice as one of the demonstrators who was wearing a cage on his head explained.

    “We want that if the princess and Inaki Urdungarin are handed a prison sentence, they really do go to prison that’s why I came with the symbol of this cage.”

    The accusations against the royal couple have revealed a privileged lifestyle as Spain struggled in a recession. There were trips to South Africa’s Kruger Park allegedly paid for from embezzled public funds.

    A luxury villa and other properties belonging to Cristina’s husband were impounded last year. The court ordered the seizure to cover a six million euro bond for his liability in the case. The images gave a glimpse of luxury living.

    With the picture of her father on the wall the princess will face judge Jose Castro in court. At the end of the hearing he could formalise the charges or drop them and allow her to plea to lesser charges.

    The investigation hasn’t been the only elephant in the royal room. The King has struggled to restore the confidence of his people after revelations he had been hunting the beasts in Botswana.