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    Sharbat With Salman | Karan Johar Still VIRGIN | OMG

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    From his humor cracks on random celebrity picks, to his hilarious gimmicks on stage, Salman Khan undoubtedly played a perfect host at the recently held 2014 Star Guild Awards. However, apart from this, what majorly eyed our interest this time is when Salman further initiated an unexpected segment Sharbat With Salman alongside guest Karan Johar! Intending to mimic Karan's show Koffee With Karan, Salman triggered a huge set of controversial questions at the filmmaker. But our pick out of the lot is nonetheless, Karan's virginity ponder. Like ways to how Karan had grilled Salman on virginity, the actor too didn't leave a chance and quizzed over the same question. And guess what, the filmmaker claimed he is virgin! Having not meant it literally, Karan cleared the air and stated that like Salman, he too is technically virgin! Well, we get the point Karan...
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