Escaflowne - Epica - Sensorium

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This is my 5th Amv. Anime - Escaflowne, Artist - Epica, Song - Sensorium.
I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!11

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jeje qe super jeejjjij buenisimo
Comment c'est trop bien cette série je regardais ça ya 6 ou 7 ans et c'est trop excellent !!!
Por nargiloup Há 7 anos

neeh >_<; Joh-kun I did and it makes me confused (bcuz the languages) but I found my way to DL the Anime ^^;; and now I'm starting to get it ^^;; Now I'm hoping I can watch the whole series and make AMV of it ^^;;

ue-arigatou gosai mas!
Hugs and Kisses!

Por BlaCk_PeArL_27 (Ms. Tan) Há 7 anos
Lynna-chan probably it's a problem with the video file. So you can try this site and click on Multimedia >Episodios (the full URL don't appears in my browser) OK?
Kisses, Joh-kun!!!
Por joe_de_lima Há 7 anos

Hey! v_v; Joh-kun when I try to get the Eps. 3 it doesn't play the whole video. I don't think it's my lap-py having a problem or just the stupid server "_" I also did to DL the eps.#3 in 5x to be sure but it's the same when I play it in my faves player it is only 11 sec to be exact Q.Q" I'm running out of idea to get that eps in full length to play. I'm not at home so i leave this mssg here not in ur email to be easy for you and me ^^;;

Sore ja..... mata ne ^^;; Joh-kun >:|
Hugs and Kisses!

Por BlaCk_PeArL_27 (Ms. Tan) Há 7 anos
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