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    'Vampire Academy' opens its doors

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The latest teen fangs and prangs movie to hit the screens is ‘Vampire Academy’.

    Zoey Deutch, who stars in the film, explained the plot: “It’s a story of two girls who are bonded by an ancient tradition. One is a full vampire. She ranks very high on the food chain. And then her best friend, who I play, who is a half-vampire, she’s bonded to protect her best friend.”

    But take away the teeth and the supernatural powers, it is basically Mallory Towers, as Zoey Deutch, pointed out: “If I’m being very vague, the kind of the trials and tribulations of high school, and all the normal and horrible things that you deal with: sometimes good, mostly horrible. And, with a little twist that you have to fight to survive.”

    The story of good and bad vampires is already out in North America and goes on release around Europe between now and early May.