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    In the third edition of our film series, Magda Chojnacka describes her winding journey across multiple cities and countries.

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    We are all, in some way, a product of our environment. Where we come from continues to influence us throughout our lives, even if we end up many miles from where we started. Our early years are often the most defining, and it was with this mind that we started ORIGINS, a new film series that discovers how artists' roots have shaped their lives.

    The need to adapt to new environments has been a constant in Magda's life. She was nine years old when her family emigrated from Poland, leaving their hometown of Żywiec and resettling in Detroit, where Magda felt like she'd arrived in "hell." Years later, when Richie Hawtin took her under his wing and she became a staple of the Minus crew, the whirlwind of events was so overwhelming that she almost quit the whole thing. Needless to say, challenges like these were invaluable in shaping the artist Magda is today. In our third episode of Origins, we revisit these experiences with Magda and hear how they determined the course of her career.

    Magda - Breakout [MINUS101] 2010
    Rework - Tell Me Why [Items & Things] 2012
    Magda - Music Box [MINUS101] 2010
    Magda - Late Night Woodward - taken from the "We Love... Detroit" compilation mixed by Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar [We Love Recordings] 2013
    Magda - Staring contest taken from MINUS 40 CD Compilation [MINUS] 2008

    Director / Camera - Robin Kother
    Producer - Debbie Butts
    Executive Producers - Patrick Nation, Nick Sabine, Ryan Keeling
    Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke
    Colourist - Adam Clarke
    Editors - Robin Kother, Patrick Nation