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    France's President Hollande praises Tunisia's new democratic constitution

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    French President Francois Hollande has praised Tunisia’s new constitution saying it “affirms that Islam is completely in line with democracy”.

    Hollande was in Tunis as part of a two-day visit and attended a ceremony for the formal adoption of the constitution, along with other world leaders.

    “This is an historic document because it’s a result of the institutional compromise that you’ve managed to forge between you, and because it can serve as an example and a reference point for a lot of other countries” Hollande told Tunisian MPs.

    Tunisia’s national assembly approved the country’s new constitution on Sunday.

    It recognises Islam as the country’s religion but also enshrines freedom of conscience and belief, and equality between the sexes.

    The vote is seen as a symbol of compromise between Tunisia’s Islamist party and its secular opposition

    A caretaker cabinet has been appointed until new elections are held later this year.