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    The Man With A 14.5 Inch Tail

    Barcroft TV

    by Barcroft TV

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    A MAN with a 14.5-inch tail growing from his back has been hailed as a God in India. Chandre Oraon, 35, was born with the wispy appendage, which locals believe signifies he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman. Worshipers also claim his ability to effortlessly climb trees is further proof of the divine similarities. Many of his devotees travel hundreds of miles to queue up outside his house in Alipurduar, West Bengal, to seek blessings by touching his bushy tail. When not busy giving blessings, Chandre works as a tea picker on a local tea estate.

    Videographer / Director: Arkaprava Ghosh
    Producer: Aamir Bashir
    Editor: Ian Phillips / Jack Stevens