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    10 Do's and Don’ts of Body Hygiene

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    Check out 10 dos and don’ts of body hygiene.

    Think your personal hygiene habits are top notch? Well check out these 10 do’s and don’ts and see how you compare.

    Number 10 – Deodorant is not required…in some cases at least. University of Bristol researchers in the UK observed that those who carried a specific genotype lacked sweat production and therefore possessed no under arm odor. However, 78 percent of people who didn’t need deodorant still used it. It’s suspected socio-cultural norms were to blame for that.

    Number 9 – Washing your hands… Scrubbing them with anti bacterial soap….don’t! Roughly three quarters of anti bacterial soaps sold in the US contain triclosan which may be a health risk. It reportedly leads to antibiotic resistance and allergies. As a replacement, the FDA recommends using plain ole soap and water.

    Number 8 – Stay away from hand dryers in public bathrooms. The dryers take more time to wick moisture away. Running hands under the device coupled with the extended dry time means bacteria spreads faster and can be dispensed further.

    Number 7 – Do clean your kitchen sink often with bleach. Studies show the same place you place your dishes contains an abundance of fecal matter, more than anywhere else in the average home.

    Number 6 – Do find a concealed spot for your toothbrush, preferably away from the toilet. Each time you flush, gross potty particles float through the air up to six feet away. Another suggestion to keep those germs off toothbrushes is flushing with the lid down.

    Number 5 – – Don’t go by the five second rule. Food eaten off the floor poses a slew of health risks including E. coli infections and norovirus. As soon as the fallen food touches the floor, it’s loaded with a large number of germs.

    Number 4 – For cleansing, do get yourself a massage …. Of the beer variety. Apparently sitting in a hot tub full of bubbling beer offers a ton of healing minerals and proteins.

    Number 3 – Before grabbing your hotel room’s remote and switching on the TV, clean it first. Germicidal wipes help eliminate cold viruses that can easily be passed on. It’s a good idea to use that wipe on door handles and light switches too.

    Number 2 – Instead of blowing your runny nose in a dirty tissue, try jala neti. The yogic cleansing effectively removes bacteria and dirt from nasal passages. All you have to do is angle your head and pour warm salty water from a neti pot into one nostril so the liquid flows out the other.

    Number 1 – Stop the time wasting job of washing hair everyday. Both hair stylists and dermatologists agree that shampooing everyday strips hair of its natural oil called sebum. As a result, hair can be left damaged. Shampooing 2 to 3 times a week is ideal.

    What's your favorite body hygiene tip for others?