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    Rock-a-bye Bear

    Kevin Langley

    by Kevin Langley

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    F@#$ this cartoon I prefer the wuzzles over it because of the nwo sting on thunder
    By qshepherdMay
    WOW - I can't believe I'm seeing this cartoon again. ALL TIME FAVORITE. Please - I need to see the entire thing. Remember the butt prints in the snow?????? The best......
    By cwspide8 years ago
    No doubt about it, this is one of the all-time best cartoons EVER. I dont think Tex Avery ever topped it. I havent seen the whole thing in at least 35 years and would love for you to download it in its entirety. You can get classic Tex Avery Droopy episodes but not this gem. Just perfect. It's the only reason I wound up in Daily Motion as I was searching for this after a discussion about Tex Avery w/a friend. See avatar!
    By mobile_homeless8 years ago
    Thank you thank you so much! God, this is a TREASURE I've wanted to re-watch for maybe 20 years. Hell, I've looked HARD for it. Thank you for posting the best bit, too --Spike's little finger wave and whispered "Good night."
    By eromacque8 years ago
    Kevin Langley
    I'll have to encode the whole thing and post it. I'll try and do that real soon.
    By Kevin Langley8 years ago
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