Buckle UP

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What ever yall do in your spare time please obay the small laws, stop @ stop signs, use your blinker, obay the speed limit, and BUCKLE YOUR SAFETY BELT! Be some what ligit.............

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Yep...lol I'm not into that shit even though I could if I want. Lets just say I have a lot of connections...lol I'm sure you know people who you can go for that "hook up" too....Everybody does....lol
By jamms 7 years ago
Jamms it sounds like you know your scams....lol
By Hrd2band 7 years ago
But honestly H2B, the drug game is getting way too shady these days and it's too fuckin dangerous. Too much headaches too. Nowadays the smarter hustlas are getting into the scam game. You know like credit card scams, telemarketing scams, ID theft (big buisness), property (house) scams, banking scams, Online scams ( like a what a certain member on DM is doing right now...lol), etc. It pays a whole lot more and the chances of not getting caught are far greater.
By jamms 7 years ago
Dam, do you know if he was snitch on or was it his own negligence?

That may have been the cause of the drighout. but it is not to bad.
By Hrd2band 7 years ago
They are the perfect mules though...unsuspecting grannies. Too bad they didn't have their seat belts on. My cousin got busted for trying to smuggle a shitload of weed and coke into the US. They found it in his trailer. He ended up losing his truck driver's license and got 10 yrs. If you're gonna do this shit make sure you know what you're doing or otherwise leave it to the pros. Allycat, you're right...The US authorities can confiscate pretty much whatever they want. I know this for a fact because they tried to do it to me when I was at US Customs in Detroit. They are the biggest pricks!!!!!!!!!
By jamms 7 years ago
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