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    The Hype - New Girl In Town

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    The Hype -New Girl in Town (Lyrics)

    She said she needs my love, she would never let me go
    but from the first night, she was out for the gold
    i said baby fuck the show, i dont feel these bad hoes
    but she just left a message on my phone
    i must go

    Now she's shining shes brighter,
    higher from myself to fight her
    i see inside her the liar,
    searching for the biggest buyer

    she's fed up with the feeling,
    living a story of glory
    she's in for big money,
    no time to feel sorry

    To make her fall, to fall for you

    To be that call, when she's alone

    I gave her my world
    I gave her the world


    To make her fall, to fall for you

    Saying hello in the morning,
    but im alone waiting for your calling
    it's ironic
    i was the one for you
    i was the one for you

    cause she was all i had,
    in this forbidden zone,
    but i cant stop, im stuck
    and she just wanna rock,
    she don't give a fuck about my songs
    cant see me through my words, cause all we had is gone

    To make h