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    The Hype - Juicy Jane

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    The Hype - Juicy Jane

    your mind
    i see

    3x with you

    tonight, i will fuck you right

    She's blowing dope, she's fucking me good,
    ah, oh my god
    fuck her from behind, what a tight ass, wow
    she's playing me like a toy,
    put it in her mouth
    put in down on her
    never stop, she's going down

    everytime when i got her on her bed
    we're fucking good
    we're fucking good
    and the next day, we're fucking good
    and the next week,
    we're fucking good, with her bestfriend too

    We do it all night long
    she doesn't know where i from
    we're fucking on the right song

    with juicy jane, juicy jane

    It's 4am she's high as fuck im drunk as hell
    she got her louboutin heels with that ysl
    i came in the party with my niggas all gone she lookin' for a fresh nigga
    she wanna roll cuz i got that good kush and alcohol
    hold up bitch stop it right there, what you wanna do tonight
    im rollin' with the crew all night finna get a bitch to make me right
    fuck you till you numb fuck me till i ... aye
    you a