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    First Biomaterial congress kicks off in Tehran


    by PressTV

    A gathering of Iranian scientists aimed at indigenizing biomaterial science. The first national congress on the application of biomaterials in regenerative medicine officially started its work in the national institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology of Iran. The three day event aims at bringing together experts in different related fields of science to discuss ways of decreasing Iran’s dependence on biomaterials; implants that could replace or enhance the performance of a human organ.
    Today the modern science of biomaterials is about fifty years old. According to figures every year Iran imports nearly one billion dollars of biomaterials most notably orthopedic prosthesis and tooth implants.
    Historical evidence found in Iran’s Shahr-e- Sookhteh or burnt city archaeological site show an artificial eye ball that was used by a woman from the Bronze Age about 3000 BC. The prosthesis was made of a light material most probably bitumen. Experts say that this is the oldest proof for the application of biomaterials.