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    Aston Martin Car for Kids Now Available

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    by Geo Beats

    Scaled down Aston Martin cars for kids are now being offered by the London based dealership, Nicholas Mee. They are marketed for young drivers and retail for over $25,000.

    Move over Powel Wheels. Scaled down Aston Martin cars for the kids are now being offered by a London based dealership, Nicholas Mee & Company Limited.

    They are marketed for drivers 10 years of age and older. The miniature cars retail for over $25,000.

    The gas powered convertibles are reportedly fully functional. They are designed to visually reflect the automaker’s DB models of the 1960s era.

    The autos are outfitted with disc brakes and a wood rimmed steering wheel. Pint sized buyers have their choice between leather or vinyl seats.

    The dash boasts all the normal working indicators as well. Measuring 98 by 40 inches, the DB Convertibles are entirely hand crafted.

    With one turn of the key, the 110 cc, 4-stroke engine comes to life. The two seaters are capable of traveling up to 46 miles per hour, however however the speed can be limited to suit their parent’s safety requirements.

    A spokesperson at Nicholas Mee stated “You'd be surprised how well the DB Junior is engineered, and how much room there is in the cockpit. It’s big enough for an adult and the pedals can be adjusted so that the DB Junior will fit a wide range of drivers.”