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    Raveena Tandon Horse Ridding Lover !

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    It was guaranteed to send scribes galloping to the site... since it was a Derby event showcasing former flames and with a fashionable twist, to boot.

    At the Mc. Dowells' Derby event convened at a Mumbai race-course, ex-romantic twosome Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon were the star attraction. ''This is the second time that I am walking the ramp here at this race-course,'' recalled Raveena.

    Asserting that she loved animals, Raveena revealed, ''I love horse-riding, more than I like horse-racing. Horses are a lot like dogs, in the sense that they too are extremely faithful. They also show a whole lot of emotions, just like we human beings do.''

    No mention of a certain Akshay, although Raveena was only too swift to point out an SRK-horse connection that she was quite upbeat about.

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    ''I did a lot of bare-back riding, that is riding a horse without a saddle in ZAMAANA DEEWANA in which Shahrukh Khan was my co-star,'' she revealed. ''I did all the stunts myself and Shahrukh always tells everyone when he meets me that I ride a horse as good as any man.''

    She added pertinently, ''When we had to do our horse-riding scenes together, I was obviously the better one. I've always enjoyed being with horses and riding horses.''

    Guess, Raveena's just high on horse-sense ...