Diesel Pulls Hard - Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Magazine Story

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by Dan5589

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For more than a year, the Star Tugs Trust has bought 18 models of the TUGS series devised by David Mitton and Robert Cardona in 1988, and now the trust is on a huge mission to exhibit the models at the Midlands Railway Centre in Butterley, however this has set to become challenging for the trust as they are currently running a Kickstarter project to fundraise it as much as possible.

With your help and generosity, it will make a bigger difference for everyone; especially with every little penny.
Thank you.

Published in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Issue No. 121
on June 6th, 1992 by Marvel Comics Ltd.
Read aloud by Dan5589

A big tug boat arrives at the harbour with an open barge that contains a shipment of coal, and Diesel boasts that he can be stronger than a little tug boat like it. Later some stormy clouds covers the blue sky, as the tug boat begins to sway from side to side against the raging waves until the rope snaps and the tug boat breaks away from it's mooring.

As the tug boat now drifting to sea, the skipper shouts that he couldn't be able to drive it back to the harbour edge due to a broken engine. It was all or nothing until Diesel's driver has an idea, and a rope was thrown to him from the tug boat. The Harbour Stationmaster ties it up to Diesel's front coupling, and Diesel starts to rave his engine to pull the tug boat safely back to the harbour edge, where it is now secured while waiting for its engine to be repaired. After the rescue mission is over, the Fat Controller praises Diesel for his effort in saving the tug boat from getting lost at sea.

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