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Boycott Israel Lyrics
by Ari Lesser

Boycott Israel, if you think that's just
But unless you have a double standard you must
Also boycott the rest of the nations
With allegations of human rights violations
We're not perfect but if you think we're the worst
First take a look at the rest of the earth
Don't pick and choose to pick on the Jews
Pick up the paper and read the news

Boycott North Korea I don't think you'll see a
Country in the world that could be un-freer
Boycott China, let's not forget
That they stole the whole country of Tibet
Boycott Japan slaughtering thousands
Of helpless innocent whales and dolphins
Boycott Vietnam where they choose to use
Drug addicts as slave to shell cashews
Boycott Cambodia, grabbing up land
Five million acres from the poor man's hand
Boycott Thailand for shutting the door
And deporting refugees back to the war
Boycott Burma, don't let your cash slip
Into the grip of that military dictatorship
Boycott India, women can't escape
When the government officials are guilty of rape
Boycott Pakistan, crazy country
Where they execute people for blasphemy
And boycott Afghanistan opium land
Where poppy fields stand in the Taliban's hand


Boycott Syria their government's killing
Thousands of innocent, unarmed, civilians
Boycott Iraq make them change the laws
That lock up and torture people without cause
Boycott Iran with the greatest rate
Of execution out of every other state
Boycott Turkey because they've always denied
And lied about the Armenian Genocide
Boycott Turkmenistan, where the only media
That you ever see is what the president'll feed to ya
Boycott Uzbekistan, government's rotten
Enslaving children to harvest cotton
Boycott Russia because every year
More Muslims mysteriously disappear
Boycott Ukraine, where the politicians
Lock up the opposition, so there's no competition
Boycott Belarus, president's got to go
You know those elections are just for show
And boycott Germany, cause there's no reparation
For murdering half the Jewish population

1 commentaire

truth ain't in the news, good call, I boycott financial oppression, and boycott what aint just, not equal, i said just as you said, we cant built a futur with financial slavery which push people to sell them to otherz, that's the key.
Par SA Singa en janvier