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    Badge."It Doesn't Mean"1978

    John Dug

    με John Dug

    46 προβολές
    This EP is fucking awesome and to be honest, this is not very surprising ; it doesn't come out of nowhere! Badge is better known under the name Kath for its well-known and celebrated beatlesque LP (reissued in 2005 by Rockadelic) and that band has nothing more to prove in 1978 when they decide to release it. Their sound evolved quite a bit (for the best!) and one of the songs from Kath 1 (It Doesn't Mean) has been revamped: it gets even stronger. The homemade charm is still around but this is fully produced now and much more sophisticated, with that great 70's vibe that I love so much... This is like Pope & Henderson!! The other songs are great as well, and the last one could have been on the first Shoes album. In short, a great record, but not only that! It's also one of the rarest 45's I own. According to a band member, only 300 copies were pressed, 100 each in black, orange and clear vinyl, what makes it even more interesting.