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    Europe freezes as snow snap stretches

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Tens of thousands of homes are without power across Europe as storms and chilling temperatures wreak havoc.

    In northern France, gale force winds of some 140 km/h have battered the coast of Brittany.

    Blocked roads and fallen trees have forced emergency workers to be on alert around the clock.

    Authorities in Ireland have declared severe flood warnings, meaning danger to life, as a result of the extreme gales and storms.

    “It’s terrible, the shores are blocked. The centre of the city is devastated, shops closed left right and centre,” said one resident.

    Snow and ice have paralysed Slovenia, bringing down trees and electricity pylons, cutting power from 50,000 homes and causing millions of euros of damage.

    With a thick shell of ice surrounding several structures, much of the small Alpine country has been brought to a standstill.