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    SeaOrbiter Vessel Scheduled for Construction

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    The ocean exploration vessel called the SeaOrbiter is a remarkable project that will assist scientists and researchers.

    The sea undoubtedly holds many mysteries. The vertical ocean exploration vessel called the Sea Orbiter is one remarkable project that will assist scientists and researchers worldwide.

    The team behind it will soon be able to start building the Eye of SeaOrbiter following a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Standing almost 60 feet tall, this part of SeaOrbiter houses the communication systems and represents approximately 1% of the more than 47 million dollar total budget. Supporters of the Eye of SeaOrbiter contributed money through the website, KissKissBankBank.

    The campaign lasted for 90 days and came to an end on January 27th. A little over $438,000 was set as the monetary goal to help make the Eye of SeaOrbiter become a reality.

    Netizens made it happen and helped the designers surpass their objective. Nearly $465 thousand was contributed.

    Approximately 70% of the overall budget has been raised by project backers including Rolex, TECHNIP and one of Europe’s well known shipbuilders, DCNS. When completed, the SeaOrbiter will be able to carry a 22 member research crew.

    They can reportedly live on the vertical vessel 24 hours a day for extended periods of time.

    The SeaOrbiter will have a total vertical height of 190 feet. Well over half that height will be submerged underwater. The construction efforts are scheduled to kick off in the Spring of 2014 in France.