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    MORSE, an audiovisual installation by Sabrina Montiel-Soto and Fabrice Croizé.
    Inspired by the myth of Medusa, MORSE is a visual poem that involves mental communication between substance and illusion.

    Before our eyes, a sentence in Morse code flies by. The face of a woman appears. Head upside down, staring at us. Her black hair is swaying just like the snakes of Medusa, who braved and petrified men at a glance. "Poets of all times have viewed Medusa's face as the incarnation of a woman's eyes ambivalence, those very eyes who attract and bewitch, seduce and condemn. She diverts the poet from the sacred, and incites to honor physical beauty." Lulled by the voices and oriental soundtrack specially composed by a female duo from Istanbul, Seni Görmem Imkansiz, MORSE is an invitation to contemplate the divine.

    Starring: Suzin Akalan
    Music: Seni Görmem Imkansiz
    Editing: Berkutay Günel

    Staff production: Giulia Campaner and Ece Ozmen
    Produced by Sumahan and Calvacréation

    Thanks to Sureyya Arioba and Barış Bilenser
    MORSE was created during an artistic residency at Sumahan Space, Istanbul TURKEY 2011