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    Top 4 Political Stories of the Day


    by Wochit

    Congressional Republicans are aiming for deficit-reduction steps as part of any deal to raise the nation's debt limit but have not decided on a strategy yet, House Speaker John Boehner said on Tuesday. Boehner also said House Republicans need to tackle jobs and the overall economy as part of any deal to raise the debt ceiling. While we are doing this, we ought to do something about jobs and the economy, about the drivers of our debt.
    Ukrainian opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, after meeting with the country's beleaguered president, is warning that tempers are heating up and says the president must take action to resolve the country's political crisis. Klitschko's meeting on Tuesday with President Viktor Yanukovych came as parliament held a session that took no action. But he has made no moves to work with the opposition since last week, when he pushed parliament to pass a measure providing amnesty to many arrested protesters if demonstrators vacate buildings they occupy. After the meeting, Klitschko said "the temperature of society is growing and I told the president we have to immediately take a decision."
    India's government has an ambitious agenda for the last session of the 15th Lok Sabha beginning Wednesday, of passing Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's pet anti-corruption bills and other pending legislation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hoped Tuesday that parliament in its wisdopm will pass the bills. Rahul Gandhi too is learnt to be planning to meet the opposition leaders. The United Progressive Alliance government is keen to pass six pending anti-corruption bills, despite likely disruptions over Telangana and the opposition's apparent desire not to hand over an election plank to the Congress, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.
    Czech President Milos Zeman will appoint Jiri Rusnok, who led a caretaker government until January, to the central bank board on Wednesday February 5. The appointment was expected after Zeman had earlier said he would name Rusnok to succeed Eva Zamrazilova, whose six-year term ends in March.