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    LORE -- Mega Man X Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    Egoraptor is here with your Mega Man X Lore!

    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Arin Hanson:

    Animated by Pegbarians:


    In the 21st century, Dr. Light began building X, a robot that could think, feel, and act on its own - the first, and potentially, the most dangerous of his kind. Dr. Light then sealed X away in a capsule that would test his ethical and moral programming to ensure he could distinguish right from wrong, but it would take at least 30 years, outliving Dr. Light himself.

    A hundred years later, the capsule is discovered by Dr. Cain, who promptly activates X and with his help, begins developing Reploids based on both Dr. Light's designs and assorted zoo animals. These reploids, all naturally armed to the teeth, become increasingly violent and are classified as Mavericks. With a potential revolution on their hands, the human government puts together the Maverick Hunter task force lead by the first and finest of the Reploids, Sigma.

    Sigma and his Elite Hunter Unit uncover yet another capsule that contained Zero, Dr. Wily's rival to X. Sigma narrowly defeated Zero, but had also unwittingly released a Maverick virus that had been brewing in the capsule, which infects Sigma and inexplicably reverses Zero's Maverick programming. Now a Maverick himself, Sigma corrupts his lieutenants, declares Reploid Independence, and wages an all-out war against his human masters. Now it's up X and Zero - but mostly X - to defeat the robot masters in specific order, collect upgrades carefully scattered along the way by the late Dr. Light, and put down Sigma and his robot rebellion for good.

    Have fun!


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    Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audio Micro


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