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    Asking Strangers for Sex: A Taiwan social experiment

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    Asking Strangers for Sex. You have seen our last social experiment video -- an improbably hot woman approaches men with an equally improbable proposition: are you down for sex? In our experiment, none of the men she asked agreed.

    Some of you have asked, "but what if the roles were reversed, and we have a guy asking girls if they wanted to have sex?" Similar experiments in Western countries produced pretty predictable results - the guys had a 0% success rate. But we would not be NMA if we did not try this ourselves. In our second social experiment in Taiwan, we had a guy approach women with the same proposition: are you down for sex?

    He had as much (or little) luck as his female predecessor.

    Our advice? When it comes to courting somebody, stick with the old-fashioned flowers and dates. You can thank us later.


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