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    Carol's Crazy Chinese: Sleep in (懶覺)

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    Get in the holiday spirit with Carol! Instead of being lazy and sleep in all the time, find out what "sleep in" means in Taiwanese?

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    This is the most wonderful time of the year. How are you spending the holidays? There are more to look forward to than Santa Claus and your screaming cousins and nephews; to sleep as much as you want!!

    English: Sleep In
    Chinese: 懶覺 (Lan Jiao)

    (Scenario 1)
    A: What's your favorite part of the holiday?
    B: 懶覺 is my favorite part. I wish I could have 懶覺 everyday!

    (Scenario 2)
    A: What did you ask Santa for Christmas?
    B: All I asked for is 懶覺。I feel so energized after I have it.

    Still have no idea what "sleep in" implies? (scroll down.....)

    懶覺 (Lan Jiao) sounds like a comment slang for "penis" in Taiwanese!!


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