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    The Last of Us: Joel Encounters the Fifth Stage of Infection

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    While venturing out alone, Joel discovers the fifth and final stage of infection hosts undergo after being exposed to the recombinant fungal infection that has ravaged the world.

    The Last of Us shocked gamers with gritty and dynamic characters and an amazingly personal story with for a big-budget AAA title. Forums and social media are buzzing with discussions over the immersiveness of its combat. The story lends every action weight, and every violent act feels appropriate in the desperate world of The Last of Us, nudging players to consider the lives of those they've killed, human and Infected alike.


    In this video, we follow Joel as he is separated once again from Ellie. Wandering the crumbling halls of a high school abandoned by all but the Infected, Joel flashes back to the words he and Ellie shared all those months ago.

    Ellie: "Jeez. What was up with that big guy?"
    Joel: "He's been infected for a long time."

    "We call 'em Bloaters."

    As he walks through the dark corridors, stepping over the spore-soaked carcasses of Bloaters, Joel is overcome with a fear he cannot explain. He feels it in his gut. Something is wrong, and it's coming for him. Joel turns to leave just as a trilling wail pierces the putrid air, heralding the arrival of a creature bent upon the evisceration of his soul ...


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