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    Lebanon: Deadly suicide blast in Beirut

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    A suicide bomber has blown himself up in a minibus in Beirut, killing at least one other person.

    Several people are reported wounded in the blast in the south of the Lebanese capital.

    The target was not immediately clear.

    It occurred in an area with many Christian and Druze inhabitants. But the road on which the bus was travelling leads to districts that are strongholds of Hezbollah, which has been hit by several attacks in recent months.

    Sectarian violence has been raging in Lebanon as it reels from the fallout of the civil war in neighbouring Syria.

    Hezbollah has sent fighters to support
    President Assad against Sunni Muslim rebels.

    Sunni militants supporting the uprising have targeted Hezbollah areas with attacks, including a deadly bombing in northern Lebanon at the weekend.