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    New YouTube Copyright Wars Strike Again!


    by knightwing01

    Youtube has started rolling out the Copyright Train again. Companies like Nintendo are taking ALL ad revenue for user-created Youtube videos featuring its games, again! Or are they? LIKE and share this video for the YouTube community. Thanks!

    The following video covers the newest YouTube Content ID claim and my solution to Nintendo's monetization war!

    Vids being targeted. Super Mario 3D World, Pokemon X Y, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Mario Party Island, Super Luigi U and Animal Crossing New Leaf...for now

    *Matched third party content*

    YouTuber's REACT to Youtube's BIG RE- COPYRIGHT CLAIM WAR!

    Nintendo/YouTube turned on their video copyright-claiming machine again - GameXplain

    Well sadly it looks like Nintendo's legal department is at it again. I'm getting copyright disputes on Youtube - TheBitBlock

    Nothing like getting a few noisy emails regarding copyright issues on both channels #YouTuberProblems - Jirard Khalil

    So just got two of the most random copyright claims from is wrong with these people - Cobanermani456


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