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    Toilet for two at Winter Olympics in Sochi is awesome

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    The Winter Olympics at Sochi is making headlines once again. BBC's Moscow reporter Steve Rosenberg tweeted a picture of two toilets situated side by side in one cubicle at the cross-country skiing and biathlon center. The picture has sparked numerous online discussions about their purpose.

    Imagine you rush into the john only to find another person sitting next to you. Awkward. The odd placement of the toilet paper roll means one person may get a free show. Some have suggested the second crapper might be for security guards so you can feel safe while taking a dump. Russians are suggesting the twin toilets are for Putin and Medvedev to improve their awkward relationship.

    The twin toilets might also be a safe haven for LGBT individuals to enjoy some alone time in this openly anti-gay country. Maybe the two heads are a move by the Russian authorities to prevent the Winter Olympics from being boycotted.

    While Russians netizens are looking for a plausible explanation, maybe they should just take a look at SNL's Love Toilet.

    So far the Sochi organizing committee still refuses to comment on the picture. The Winter Olympics will start on February 7.


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