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    Police brutally rip straight-A Philly teen's nut sac off

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    High school student Darrin Manning thought that if he kept his head down, got good grades, stayed off drugs and earned the respect of his parents and teachers, he would be pretty much alright. But Darrin Manning forgot one thing. He forgot the Philadelphia police department will throw you up against a squad car for no reason and rip your scrotum so bad you can't have kids. I mean, he could still adopt, but that's not the point.

    Darrin and his friends had just left school on January 7 and were on their way to an organized basketball game. On their way out the door, Veronica Joyner, founder of Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School, gave her straight-A student an extra hat and scarf to protect him against the single-digit temperatures outside. Ten minutes later, he was curled up on the street, writhing in pain after a police officer twisted his nut sack off.

    What could have happened differently in this situation? Police say the boys ran away when they were ordered to stop. But the police have yet to say why they ordered the boys to stop in the first place. They mistook the boys' attempt to flee as an indication of illegal activity of a nonspecific nature. They erroneously thought, "there's no legitimate reason to run from the police. It's not like we just go around ripping kids' balls off!" But that is exactly what they did. And, perhaps aware of the Philly PD's proclivity for ball ripping, when ordered to stop, the boys did the natural thing and ran like hell.

    There's no lesson for the kids here, really. Stand still, and the cops will castrate you. Run, and the cops will castrate you. So the lesson here is actually for the cops. If you see an honor roll student walking around lawfully, don't rip his nuts off, OK?


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