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    Taiwanese con artist kidnaps his sugar baby to pay off loan

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    A 24-year-old Taipei woman surnamed Yang was kidnapped by her 47-year-old bald sugar daddy, Chen Bo-hsiung (陳柏雄), who wanted to use her to take out a loan for him.

    Chen was looking online on Monday for a sugar baby. He was offering US$330 and Yang accepted the deal. The two met at a motel the same day.

    When Yang was in the shower, Chen burst in, told her that he was a cop and said she was under arrest. He threatened to frame her for possession of heroine if she refused to go with him.

    He then drove her to a convenience store and told her to buy four newspapers. Yang by this point was weirded out by the ordeal and texted a friend for help.

    When she got back in the car, Chen told her to call loan agencies with advertisements in the newspapers and ask to borrow roughly US$13,000. The quick-witted Yang pretended that she couldn't get through.

    Police found Chen's car shortly thereafter. Chen said he wasn't really impersonating a police officer because he only pretended to be a cop because Yang wasn't pretty enough so he lost interest in her.

    According to the police investigation, Chen was trying to raise money to pay off a US$10,000 debt by kidnapping people to get them to take out loans for him. Chen was charged with obtaining property by using threats and offenses against abandonment.


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