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    MINECRAFT | Survival Island Stranded Part 3: Treasure!!!!


    by yoteslaya

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    Welcome to Survival Island! The boys wanted to play Minecraft and do a Let's Play for you all! They will be doing the following tasks in the game that was given in this map! Below you will find the downloaded map, and challenges given to them!
    Hope you all have a great day!


    Grow 10 trees
    Conquer a dungeon
    Make wool using string
    Make all the types of coloured wool! (if there is a wool hard to obtain please post this)
    Discover a secret
    Make a wheat farm that produces 32+ wheat
    Use a pumpkin to make a scarecrow in the middle of your wheat farm
    Make a watermelon and pumpkin farm
    Make an automatic sugar cane farm

    Join the land between all 3 islands making 1 large island!
    Build a castle (suggested by danyopizzle)
    Put a pumpkin on your head
    Rebuild the ship, doesn't matter how it looks as long as it could be recognised as a boat. (If you have Movecraft you could use this to sail to the village-Â This is not in version v0.1)
    Get full gold armor, make a throne and sit on it proudly!
    Make a library with many bookshelves [Now it's possible]
    Create a small village around the castle you have built
    Make a diving board at cloud level and do a 720° spin (do two spins) before hitting the water
    Find the 5 washed up melons!
    Build an igloo
    Build a mob grinder using a dungeon.
    Create a cobble generator (popular demand)
    Build a Snow Golem an Iron Golem
    Defeat the Enderdragon

    Map Download:

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