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    Qadar in Islam

    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    to delete your sins : If u say subhan allah & thanks to allah 100 times , this deletes all previous sins even if they were like sea foam .Saying astaghfirullah & i repent to him 3 times after prayer delets all previous sins even if u escaped from battle which is a major sin .Follpwing the sin with a good deed deletes the sin .Not boasting about the sin & being sorry for it & giving back what one stole delete the sin . saying no god but Allah as the final word before death lead 2 paradise . Roads to rewards are many : if u say 3 times after imposed prayers: I seek allah forgiveness who is the all live & i repent to him, all previous sins are deleted even if u escaped from battle which is a major sin.Every good deed or remeberance is acharity 4 u even sleeping with your husband is a charity as this is halal.Repentence door is open as long as oneisnot dying & sun didnot rise from the west.Yes we all sins so we can renew our repentence & do istighfar.Hadiths