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    Guerilla black feat beenie man - Compton


    by Lvick

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    Rich Mundo
    Throw ya hands in the ayer, the reign is over, no umbrellas look up to the sky, them black hawks comin down on some Kamikaze Nazi For Christ, Iron Cross that Ish, IF history ait yall speciality, know it repeats, over and over until someone does something different, So instead of losing, Im will do nothing less than winning, You could bring Pac, Biggie, Pun, Old D B, Left Eye, Aaliyah, I still keep my hat cocked straight to the front, no left or right, cuz I see threw dramatics, with a skeptical cynnical expression on my face, its time to make people really expierience they work, like rappin trappin, dappin, they some G's cuz they wear Gucci? Its a lifestyle, and C-Murder aint seeing It, ONly 1 Sun I guess Donnie wasn't thinkin, we will call Her Thing 3, Okay, Im on my Gucci Poochie, but I still don't own any beamers, who thesee dudes thinking they writing a script for, They need to stick to the scripts and fall in line, Yall did Hell Week, Try Hell Years, Aint a time for tears, VIking
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago