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    The WAN Show: Steam OS Download, Microsoft Smart Bra' and GUEST Anand Lal Shimpi - Dec 13, 2013


    by LinusTechTips

    After party : Sorry no official afterparty this week but Luke ran a super long unofficial afterparty on the channel!

    WAN Show Document :

    Intel Total War!

    5:05 Oculus raises $75 Million in Stage B funding
    11:00 Steam OS is downloadable!
    15:28 Microsoft stereotype bra
    19:08 Sony micro usb connector OTG
    27:20 Anand Lal Shimpi joins us
    39:10 Digital Storm SteamOS/Windows Machine
    50:55 G-Sync overview
    1:04:28 Haswell-E Leaked Specs
    1:19:43 Consumer VS. Enterprise HDD reliability
    1:23:10 Panel for the dell 28" 4k monitor maybe?
    1:26:56 Backwards compatible Xbox-One? NOPE
    1:28:05 Iphones in the microwave?
    1:29:52 Samsung RAPID will work on 840 Pro's
    1:32:10 140,000 VHS tapes of the news found in storage
    1:34:30 Nexus 5 had a silent hardware revision
    1:36:34 The pirate bay to make their domain name irrelevant