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VR NcSports 2014-05 English Sailing Updates

il y a 4 ans14.7K views

Destopnews 2014 – Episode 05 – The Sailing Updates – Full edition

1. The TP 52’s fleet is back in the United States.
2. In the family of the Record’s hunters,
• Armel is laughing, (24Hrs Record)
• Thomas is clinching his teeth (Slow)
• Lionel is sobbing. (Capsize)

#sailing #emotion #WOW #Destopnews #JT #NEWS #people #record #passion #Capsize #SodeboTDM #52SuperSeries @virtualregatta @trimaranpdb @sodebo_voile @FrancisJoyon @VoileBanquePop @52SuperSeries

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VR NcSports 2014-05 English Sailing Updates
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