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Islamic songs:

"Give Thanks to Allah" - by Michael Jackson?
Is it Michael Jackson? or Zain Bkhita? Or Cat Stevens (Yussuf Islam)?

Some people said that it's Cat Stevens chant (Yusuf Islam, the british singer who converted to Islam) and Some say it's Zain Bhikha another African Muslim singer, but after verification to the voice many of MJ's fans said that it is Michael Jackson's voice. He made this song after he moved to Dubai and was taught about Islam. Michael Jackson's brother embraced Islam, yet it has not been announced that MJ has embraced it.

God is very Forgiving and very Merciful.
We wish guidance to all the people, even our worst enemies, we Ask Allah to guide them to correct faith, the religion of all Prophets, Islam.

O Allah fill our hearts with loving you, and loving those who love you, make our leaders among the intelligent serving pious. ameen.

CBS reports that Michale "JACKSON SHOWS ISLAM SUPPORT WITH MOSQUE" they said: he "has sparked further speculation he is on the verge of converting to Islam, after pledging to erect a mosque in his adopted home of Bahrain."