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    Duke Ellington with Jimmy Blanton

    Tony Lecorne

    par Tony Lecorne

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    The first clip is of Duke's band around 1950. This means that the late great Jimmy Blanton had been dead for nearly a decade when this film was made...................
    The bass player is in fact Wendell Marshall who was Jimmy Blanton's cousin, and a disciple, and fine bassist in his own right.
    The middle clips look like Duke in the 60's, and finally back to the 50's in trio. That's Sonny Greer on the drums.
    Par deweyhipIl y a 6 ans
    )O( Hahaha Merci pour la video;)
    Par taiiiaaaIl y a 6 ans
    Sorry, no Jimmy Blanton here. This is from 1952.
    Par ScottYanowIl y a 9 ans