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    The Empty House - Algernon Blackwood


    by XenagogueVicene

    “The Empty House,” Algernon Blackwood - This work of fiction is the title piece in a collection short stories published by Blackwood in 1906. Blackwood, a prolific writer of terrifying tales, puts an interesting spin on the familiar haunted house when a man and his aunt decide to explore an old, abandoned home in town square. With only a candle and a big stick for protection, the two vow to stay the night and explore the house top to bottom looking for the truth behind the town’s urban legend. As the two search the abandoned house, they quickly discover that they’re not alone, and a night of terror ensues. From their first step inside to their hasty exit, each room of the house brings the pair an unwanted surprise. The story is ripe with captivating imagery that will send chills down your spine. I was racing to the end of this easy read, and Blackwood did not disappoint. If you’re in for a fright “The Empty House” free online