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Spring Offensive - ♫Hengelo

il y a 4 ans94 views

When we first read about the story of Forest Boy, we knew we had to write a song about it. The idea of someone inventing a fantasy to escape the pressures of modern life would fit perfectly on the record, but we were more interested in what drove Robin van Helsum to run away to Berlin than the lies and fraud that people remember.

For the video we wanted to take a different view. Rather than asking why he did what he did it, we looked to those who were directly involved in his case, and how they viewed him and his actions. We wanted to go to Berlin, see the places that Robin would have seen, and strip back the mythology of the man who tricked the city authorities.

It's not a documentary per se, so maybe think of it as liner-notes providing a little bit of context for the song. Hopefully it makes sense of a few things.

Made by Matt Cooper, Ina Takarko, Lucas Whitworth

Hengelo is taken from the debut album 'Young Animal Hearts' by Spring Offensive - LineSession : (Re)Discover the fin